Friday, 1 November 2019


In the dark creepy forest was a little boy he was roasted marshmallows. but then behind him in the pitch black forest he heard footsteps and suddenly a big goowy  and slimy green monsters apered behind him. He got frightened then the big Monster pretended to be a dog as he was stalking his prey his prey was a yummy and  squishy marshmallow. He was so hungry so he grab the marshmallow and the boy knew that the goowy  and slimy monster just wants marshmallows so then the boy frew marshmallows to the monster. Well the boy was getting a marshmallow the big goowy  and slimy monster ate the marshmallows and the boys hand because. He was so hungry then the big slimy monster got mad so he chased the little boy he ran so fast and he screamed help me. He got a soft baby pillow and then the boy ran away and the monster roasted the pillow and it burned and he was sad.


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