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Word work


Writing Avengers

 The Avengers

Fan Fiction

After the End Game the world is left to pick up the pieces. Nothing is the same as it was before the disappearance of half the world’s population. With Thanos, and the Infinity Stones gone, a hole is left for another villain to take his place. One far more dangerous, and more powerful.

Your task for today is to create a new super-villain for the 

Avengers to deal with.


(What do they look like?)

They have black hair,blue eyes,are tall, and have a black crown on their head. Her name is katie.


(What can they do?)

They can pause time and teleport

Greatest Enemies

(Who are they at war with?)

Their greatest enemies are Iron man. 

Once they conquer the world they would like to achieve…

(What do they want to accomplish?)

She would like to get  her own city.

Once you have designed your supervillain it is time to give them a story. Write a story in which the Avengers are introduced to your supervillain, and a battle begins! Start your writing in the space on the next page!

Begin your writing here: On a stormy day iron man and the avengers get ready to go and save the people who are stuck in the train. They quickly run to the train station and see that there are lots of people in the train and it is moving so fast in the same spot,iron man tells hulk to stop the train with his super strength. Hulk runs and tries to stop the train while he is pushing he somehow my falls down. Iron man asks hulk “How did you fall when no one was behind you”? Hulk replies “ i don't know it felt like some paused time and pushed me”  and then all the avengers knew that there was only one person who can pause time they all shouted “Katie”. They started to search around and then iron man saw her Katie was his worst Eminem they begin to fight Katie was about to teleport him to Antarctica but then iron man used his shield and blocked Katie from hitting him she fell down then the avengers put her in handcuffs and took her to jail.

Research Task Avengers


Response To Text Avengers

 Response to text:


Highlight the correct answer or write down the appropriate response.

1. The story of the Avengers was created by 

a) Nick Fury and Thor                            b) Bruce Lee 

c) Stan Lee and Jack Kirby                       d) George Lucas

2. The original team of Avengers included

a) Loki, Hulk, Batman           b) Ant Man, Captain America, Black Panther

c) Hulk, Loki, Thor                   d) Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk

3. Explain why Nick Fury and S.H.i.E.L.D. put together the team of Avengers

→they made a team to save the world.

4. True or False: The Sokovia Accords meant that superheroes didn’t need to register and could do whatever they wanted. 

a) True b) False

5. Thanos and the Black Order came to Earth to gather the power of the 

a) Informant Stones               b) Infinity Stones

c) Avengers                              d) Hulk

6. The Avengers were able to use this to travel back in time

a) time travel machine             b) the S.H.I.E.L.D. special jet

c) Thanos particles                           d) Pym Particles

7. Select the best answer: The Avengers movies have earnt more than

a) $1.5 Billion                 b) $500 Million

c) $100 Billion                          d) $100

8.In your own words describe why the Avengers movies are so popular with fans around the world

→They are so popular because they are some of the world's most popular superheroes and they are also comics about the avengers.

4 Facts Avengers

 Task Description:Today i did my 4 Facts and it was about avengers i really liked this topic for the four facts it was fun and enjoy this blog post.

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Word Work

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Reaserch Task

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